Bobbie Russell

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Your Chance to Win!

"Winning Molly" now available at Total-e-bound !
There’s nothing better than hot sex at the beach when winter weather gets you down and that's what "Winning Molly" is all about. In honor of its release, I had a contest to name your favorite beach.

Thanks to all those who emailed me! What a variety and they all sound like wonderful places to go!


Some of our favorite beaches:
     English Bay Beach -- Vancouver, BC
     Paradise Island -- Bahamas
     Bare-bum-bay -- Welsh (OK, it's the nickname, but what a great one!)
     Race Point -- Provincetown, Cape Cod
     Tarague Beach -- Guam
     Waikiki Beach -- Honolulu
     Seaside -- Lincoln City, Oregon
     Beaches on Okinawa
     Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda
And the winner a totally random drawing...the beaches on Okinawa! Congratulations to Michelle Bauer for entering her favorite beach!