Bobbie Russell

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Twelfth of Never -- Not Just for Halloween!


"...a charming story of Halloween Magic.
Bobbie weaves her tale intricately and beautifully.
Full of steamy scenes, this story is sure to please."
--Sensual Reads & Reviews

Author Zoe Shepard races away from an unfaithful lover in the States only to fall into the arms of a spirit in Ireland. While she has no intention of allowing another faithless male in her life, she doesn’t mind this particular man because he demands nothing and night after night he gives her incredible climaxes. It isn’t until the full moon that ZoŽ actually meets Keegan McFallon, knight and lord of clan McFallon, in human form. Because of a sorceress’s spell, he’s doomed to remain in the spirit world, except on the nights of new and full moons, until he has an orgasm on the Twelfth of Never. Unfortunately, that is a riddle he cannot seem to solve. Keegan, with his long blonde hair, broad shoulders, and constant hard-on, is so much better in the flesh than in spirit form that ZoŽ sets about trying to discover how to release him from the spell. In the meantime, she decides to write his story, but…


Who’s going to believe a story about a five hundred year old spirit who has to orgasm on the Twelfth of Never to return to mortal form?