Bobbie Russell

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Yule Be Mine Anthology


Gypsy Nights

With her ex-lover’s stinging words reverberating in her brain, Gypsy decides to go to bed with her new neighbour to re-establish her self esteem and finds something more meaningful than a one night stand.

Gypsy Martin had a rough childhood but managed to attend medical school and is now intent on helping those in a small rural community who have nowhere else to turn.

When Jeremy Stone was eleven, his drug-using father beat his mother to death and if not for the intervention of a neighbourhood police officer, Jeremy would have killed his father. Now as a small town sheriff, Jeremy is intent on getting the ‘bad guys’ out of his community. When Jeremy’s one night stand with Gypsy ends up meaning something more for both of them, he sees in her a future he never thought to have.

But that future is threatened when one of the ‘bad guys’ Jeremy is after takes Gypsy as a hostage.