Bobbie Russell

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Attitude Adjustment

--part of the Cupid's Kisses short story collection from Total-e-Bound.

Lincoln Parish has an attitude. That’s what got him in trouble and now he’s doing community service time at an old ladies’ retirement home. 


But the women there also have attitudes, and they floor him with their frank discussions of sex and questions about how firm his butt muscles are.


The one redeeming factor is the director, Suni Hart, especially when Linc discovers the beautiful young woman is also there for a reason. She has an unusual attitude toward sex.


She likes it -- a lot.


And while she may be trying to keep her secret, the little old ladies know. They make a point of causing problems that will throw the two young people together and Linc is more than happy to feed Suni’s addiction as they explore the passion that grows rapidly between them.


Simply Romance Review Gives ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT a Recommended Read and "A" rating!
---"Bobbie Russell is quickly becoming one of my favorite erotic authors.  I love her new contemporary erotic short story, Attitude Adjustment.  This story is not only extremely sexy, but it’s funny and at times very tender.  I enjoyed everything about this book, the characters were unique and amusing, the sex was scorching and the plot was interesting. Bobbie Russell wrote the perfect short story!"
~Reviewed by Julie Kornhausl


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